About conference 2019

We are pleased to inform you that the sixth in a row international scientific conference FINIZ 2019 entitled “Digitalization and smart financial reporting” was held on Friday, December 6, 2019 at Singidunum University in Belgrade, Kumodraška 261a street.

We live in an environment where data moves faster than thought. Smart financial reporting requires professionals in corporations to know digital technology (cloud accounting, mobile technology, advanced analytics (big data), social networks, Internet of Things, business intelligence to support financial decision making, blockchain and 3D printing) and current regulations (accounting, tax, corporate, e-commerce, etc.). In the business entity, smart financial reporting upgrades traditional accounting, because in addition to accounting reporting, it provides opportunities for business consulting, ie a holistic understanding of business. Audit firms improve their processes, business principles, ethical principles and professional regulations with smart platforms used in the audit of financial statements, during the review of financial information and other engagements on the basis of which they provide assurance in other audit-related services. Smart processes in audit firms have increased professional judgment, experience, skepticism, through the application of new digital technologies, data and database science, and sophisticated analysis.

The FINIZ conference continued to encourage business experts and scientists to research real events and propose new financial solutions in order to network global financial trends and risk management challenges. Also, she persevered in observing and monitoring trends, and in connection with that, at this year’s FINIZ 2019 conference, in addition to the existing sessions, sessions in the field of marketing and human resources management (HR – Human Resources) were organized.

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