FINIZ 2014

Dear Conference participants,
colleagues and partners,

(110412154911)_-_US-engBased on the overall impressions, we can conclude that this year’s conference was an extremely productive event whose main goals have been successfully achieved. Namely, we have managed to attract a respectable number of authors and participants as well as to receive and publish high-quality papers. By bringing together scientific workers and those who are directly involved in the accounting field or use of accounting data, we have succeeded in ensuring adequate interlocutors and efficient exchange of information. Mutual contacts have been established between the participants, which is one of the focal points of the conference.  Therefore, we strongly believe that this was a rewarding and professionally stimulating experience for everyone. A large number of reputable organizations and distinguished experts have supported the realization of the conference, and thus contributed to further strengthening of our University’s outstanding reputation.

Based on the papers presented at the conference, it can be concluded that there is an abundance of opportunities for financial reporting improvement, in particular in our country, in order to adequately respond to the demands of corporate governance.

The conference pointed out two main directions of global change in the accounting field:

  • relocation of accounting data and job positions from one country to another within the context of globalization of accounting operations,
  • organizational change in accounting – change in the manner of data storage, software and ways of using such data.

The conference highlighted some possible measures to be taken by accountants and users of financial information in order to enhance the overall quality of financial reporting: development of the process of accounting data compilation. Therefore, the conclusions and recommendations reached at this year’s conference constitute a challenge for all future conferences.

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of the FINIZ conference, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and we invite you to take part in the next year’s conference and present your innovative solutions to problems encountered in daily work.

Organizing Committee of the FINIZ Conference

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