Instructions for authors

Authors should submit their papers on e-mail address and chose the following:

  • Conference Session, i.e. thematic area, and
  • Paper Category (Scientific: original paper or review paper; or Professional paper).

The original research paper i.e. empirical study implies that the author(s) applied a quantitative model to a series of data in relation to the topic of the conference.

The review paper implies that the author has revised relevant contemporary researches and achievements in a certain field (minimum 20), presented and interpreted them in an original way. This further implies that the author(s) presented own critical and reasoned opinion(s) about the achievements of relevant authors in the analyzed area, pointed out the analysis limitations and future research directions.

The professional paper implies that the author presents a specific business solution, introduce it in the paper while considering relevant risks, comparing applied business models or products in the thematic area of the conference, and explaining concrete use of certain regulations in a profession etc. Authors of papers may take part in the conference discussion only if they submit their Abstracts in accordance with the Instructions for Writing Papers, as well as their presentations and/or other audio/video materials and documents, which will be posted on the conference website. In addition, the authors should comply with the requirements provided in the Instructions for Writing Papers in order to have their full papers published. All submitted professional presentations should be approved by the Program Committee.

Instructions for writing papers can be found at the following link:

By registering and submitting an abstract / article electronically, the authors irrevocably agree that, in the case of the official acceptance of the text by the Editorial Board of the Conference, it shall be published in the conference proceedings, publicly available at the official web site of the conference, as well as on other websites for which conference review organisers can increase accessibility and visibility to the local and international scientific community.

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